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What Does "Bleach Proof" Mean?

The term "bleach proof" can be misleading as it implies that the towels are completely immune to the effects of bleach. This is not true; instead, these towels have been treated with a special process known as chlorine-resistant dyeing which makes them highly resistant to fading.

Durability & Longevity Bleach proof salon towels are designed specifically with durability and longevity in mind. They can withstand multiple washes without fading or becoming discolored over time. Due to their superior quality construction, bleach proof salon towels don't shrink when washed—so you can be sure that they won't lose their shape over time either!

Buy In Bulk And Save

If you buy these bleach proof salon towels in bulk from a reputable supplier like Just Salon Towels Canada, by taking advantage of wholesale discounts on top-notch bleached-proof towel products.

These durable yet soft materials offer superior absorbency while resisting fading and discoloration over time—making them the best salon towels for salons or spas looking for high quality products at an affordable price point! Plus, buying in bulk from Just Salon Towels Canada means you'll get even more bang for your buck! Get started today with Just Salon Towels Canada top-of-the line bleached-proof towel products!

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