Eggplant Bleach Resistant Salon Towels 16x27"
Eggplant Bleach Resistant Salon Towels 16x27"

Eggplant Bleach Resistant Salon Towels 16x27"

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oduct: Eggplant Salon Towels - Bleach Proof

Dimensions: 16x27”

Weight: 2.8 lbs

Content: 100% Ring-Spun Cotton

Color: Eggplant

Quantity: Choose from 1 dozen (12 pieces), 5 dozen (60 pieces) or 10 dozen (120 pieces)

Brand: Eurocale

Available in 8 colors: Black, Burgundy, Charcoal Grey, Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Eggplant, Chocolate Brown & White.

Invest in quality and performance with Eggplant Bleach Proof Salon Towels. This brand of professional hand towels is made from 100% ring spun cotton, ensuring a soft and strong feel that can stand up to multiple washes. The eggplant color adds a charming touch to any salon space while the bleach proof design ensures the color lasts and doesn’t fade, even if subjected to hair dye products. Available in seven different colors, you can find the perfect match for your business aesthetic and invest in a coordinated look.

Designed with a tuck-in selvage on each side, these long lasting and durable towels are certain to retain their high-quality for extended use without fraying at the edges. What’s more, available wholesale discounts make an affordable option for stocking up on fresh supplies. Offered with delivery throughout the Canada.  shop Eggplant Bleach Proof Salon Towels today for superior quality convenience tailored to meet all your salon needs.