Dobby Border Bath Mats 22x34" 10 lbs (3 dozen/36 pieces)

Dobby Border Bath Mats 22x34" 10 lbs (3 dozen/36 pieces)

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Product: Dobby Border - Bath Mats

Dimensions: 22x34”

Weight: 10 lbs

Content: 100% Ring-Spun Cotton

Color: White

Quantity: 3 dozen (36 pieces) per pack

Brand: Eurocale

Bath Mat, Tub Mat, bath Rug, 22x34”, 9.5 lbs weight, white color, Non-slip best for use as bath mat in salons, Hotels, Institutions ,Government Agencies, clubs, gyms, tanning salons and massage centres
Eurocale brand, 90% cotton, 10% polyester , 100% Cotton , Ring Spun ,  Dobby Border, bleached white. Durable, long lasting white towel, super soft, fast drying, absorbent cotton
These 22”X34”, 9.5# towels can be used for manicure in salons, spa, nail bars, beauty salon, tanning salons and massage
These 90/10 cotton rich blend premium mats are soft, super absorbent , fluffy ,thirsty and machine washable. They do not lose their texture after multiple washes
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