Disposable Isolation Gown- BLUE (10 pieces)

Product: Disposable Isolation Gown PE 

Style: Long Sleeves, BLUE Color

Type: Level 2, ANSI PB70

Details: Waterproof, Fluid Resistant, Non-sterilization

Size: One size

Quantity: 10 pieces

Disposable Isolation gowns, Polyethylene (PE) used for isolation purpose in hospitals, nursing homes, Old-age Homes , retirement homes, dental clinics, hospices, long-term care facilities, and chiropractic & physiotherapy clinics, Dental clinics, Janitorial supplies and commercial cleaners, schools and Montessori.
 Used by nurses and other medical and allied staff.

In stock and available for immediate delivery. It is waterproof, anti-dust, breathable, fluid Resistant, non-woven and blue in color. Level 2, ANSI PB70. FDA and CE approved.

In stock and available for immediate delivery.