Black Bleach Proof Wash Cloth/Face Cloth/Makeup Towel 13x13" 1.5 lbs

Product: Bleach Proof Wash Cloth/Face Cloth/Makeup Towel

Color: Black

Dimensions: 13x13”

Weight: 1 lbs

Content: 100% Ring-spun Cotton

Quantity: Choose between 5 dozen (60 pieces) or 25 dozen (300 pieces)

Brand: Eurocale

Introducing Black Bleach Proof Wash Cloth/Face Cloth/Makeup Towel 13x13", the ultimate salon-quality towel for all of your beauty needs. Our towels are made from 100% Ring Spun Cotton, offering lasting durability and a soft feel to use on the face or body. Plus, the tuck-in selvage on the sides minimizes fraying after multiple washes. These towels offer bleach and color safety, so you can be sure your product will stay vibrant and unharmed throughout its lifespan. With 1.5 lbs of absorbency, these Eurocale Brand Bleach Proof Salon Towels will make sure you clean up effortlessly and quickly from any makeup job or beauty treatment you need to do.

Plus, it’s stain resistant! All types of detergents or hair dyes won’t affect its texture, quality, or color. Therefore, these Black Bleach Proof Wash Cloth/Face Cloth/Makeup Towels 13x13" are perfect for salons, beauty parlors, spas, tanning salons & massage centers – buy in bulk to get even more savings! Enhance your professional services with this top-of-the-line product today.